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The «Amway for Future» Fund was established in 2013 and has chosen
as its mission taking care of the future generation, the world around us,
the well-being of the family and the health of our children. The Fund is Amway's corporate charitable foundation.
Amway is an international manufacturer
of personal care products, household chemicals, cosmetics, dietary supplements and household items. It was founded
in 1959 in the USA.

Since 2013 it helps people live better revealing
the potential of a parent,
a specialist, an entrepreneur, and a volunteer in them.

The year

full of pluses

Key figures
for 2020*


children have stayed
in foster families


fundraising actions


women have acquired knowledge in the field
of “business”


new programs


country of presence


sales of charitable articles


Instagram followers


incomes to the Fund
* in comparison with 2019


private donations


followers engagement
Recognition in 2020

The contest «Leaders of Corporate Charity 2020»

The results of the Fund's activities
were assigned the category
«A — Best Practice»
«Mama-Entrepreneur» — the 1st place
in the nomination «The Best Program Contributing to Gender Equality»
(the partner — Council of the Eurasian Women's Forum under the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly
of the Russian Federation)
«With love for children» — the 3rd place
in the nomination «The best program (project) to overcome the consequences
of coronavirus infection in the Russian Federation» (partner — the Ministry
of Economic Development of Russia)

The contest of annual reports «Reference point»

The gold standard

All-Russian competition
of projects in the field
of corporate volunteering «Champions of good deeds»

Project #YavOtvete – the 3rd place
in the nomination «Contribution
to the development of corporate volunteering»

The contest
«OBJECTIVE charity»

The winner in the nomination «Women
in Charity» (the partner – Council
of the Eurasian Women's Forum under
the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation)

More than 3300


with the Fund's


They wrote about us

about people


Behind each program and each of its results there are People, of course. First
of all, it is the Fund's team — the President, the Board, the Board of Trustees and
the Fund's staff.
Foundation Board
«I want to congratulate our Fund on another successful year. Despite of all the challenges this year has thrown us out, we've managed to reorganize
the format of the programs, move the most of them into online format and create new areas within
the programs, such as supporting remote foster care.
I am especially pleased to see even more active participation of our partners in volunteer and fundraising events. At the beginning of 2021, we will definitely celebrate and congratulate the best practices of our partners».

Irina Menshikova

The Chairman of the Foundation Board,
a member of the Board of Trustees, The Managing Director of Amway in Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine
«The past year has been a very difficult one
for the "Mama-entrepreneur" program which is only held in person. I am very glad that we were still able to implement it in more than 40 regions of Russia. It is very important that in 2020 we signed an open-ended cooperation agreement with our partners – MSP Corporation, "OPORA RUSSIA" and "Otkritie" Bank. The program's entry into the international arena
is the next in line. Getting ready to launch
"Mama-entrepreneur" in Kazakhstan!».

Ekaterina Levshina

The Head of the «Mama-entrepreneur» program
in Russia and Kazakhstan
«2020 has become an unpredictable year for everyone, and we have often had to act according to circumstances. The families we help under the "With love for children" program needed support. Together with our partners we have organised several successful fundraising events that helped projects
not only sustain the pace but also increase
the amount of assistance provided.
We also launched the #YavOtvete contest among independent entrepreneurs and Amway employees and the "ReForma" program which will help unique mothers in the regions find time to take care
of themselves».

Ekaterina Molyukova

The Head of the programs «With love for children», «#YavOtvete» and «ReForma»
The Fund's Staff
«2020 was not an easy year for everyone, but it brought many interesting initiatives and opened up new frontiers. It was the time when the friends
of the foundation united and showed that they were ready for new achievements. Together we held
a number of charity events, thanks to which the Fund was able to help many of its wards».

Ekaterina Govorova

The Fund's Coordinator
«We are glad that despite of all the restrictions
we managed not only keep, but to increase the pace
of our activity».

Svetlana Dyachkova

The Chief Accountant of the Fund
The Board of Trustees
Irina Ilyina
Amway Independent Entrepreneur, a Member
of the Board of Trustees
Vera Arkhipova
Amway Independent Entrepreneur, a Member
of the Board of Trustees
Marina Mezentseva
Amway Independent Entrepreneur, a Member
of the Board of Trustees
Mikhail Petrov
The Head of Amway
Center Region, a Member
of the Board of Trustees

About programs


In 2003, Amway launched the ONE BY ONE worldwide program, whereby by improving the lives of one child after another, we make this world a better place. Each country implements those programs that are able to solve the most complex and urgent problems of this country.
To date, the «Amway for Future» Fund supports the activities of four programs. The Fund's programs сomply with the Amway principles established since its foundation.
our principles





Program evaluation
We pay a lot of attention to the internal and external evaluation of the Fund's programs.
In 2020, we estimated the Federal Remote Foster Care Service.
Learn more
The evaluation of the «Vseobuch» project has begun. Link to preliminary report.
Learn more

in Kazakhstan


The Amway company appeared on the Kazakh market in 2013. Since then
the Amway Fund has been supporting charitable projects of the Kazakhstan representative office.
In 2021, the «Mama-entrepreneur» program starts in Kazakhstan! And it means that the Fund devoted 2020 to preparing for its launch in a new country. The program will be held in a social format — only for large families, foster mothers and mothers
of children with disabilities.
We managed to find reliable partners:
the Association of Entrepreneurs of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan,
the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs «Atameken», the Forum of Entrepreneurs
of Kazakhstan.
We also developed a new interactive online training format due to covid restrictions and were able to prepare to accept applications from all over Kazakhstan without city restrictions.
We found
«Double care»
The challenge
of COVID-19
Against the backdrop of forced self-isolation the number of calls to crisis centers has tripled. The victims of domestic violence were women with minor children in their arms.
We developed and launched a special charitable article worth 100 tenge. Amway Kazakhstan has doubled the collected donations.
1,000,000 tenge were transferred
to the Union of Crisis Centers of Kazakhstan. Professional retraining courses were organized for people from crisis centers
in 5 cities of Kazakhstan.
The Amway Go!
In September 2020 the Amway Go! conference took place for Russian and Kazakh partners and clients of Amway.
For participation in the conference, it was necessary to contribute 1740 tenge, which was a donation for projects to help foster families, including in Kazakhstan.
The result —
1 363 740 tenge
1,363,740 tenge were transferred
to the public fund «Community of Adoptive Parents of Kazakhstan».

About finances


The Amway Fund would like to thank all donors for their financial support of our projects. We say "thank you" to our beneficiaries for their ideas and work for the benefit of society.
Revenue in 2020

21 147 217,29 ₽

+21% by 2019

15 837 000 ₽
Amway Company
(+18% by 2019)
2 807 874,01 ₽
Individuals and other legal entities
(+28% by 2019)
2 502 343,28 ₽
Sale of charitable articles
(+39% by 2019)*
*Kept in a special account
of Amway
3 000 000 ₽
Organization and holding of the
All-Russian competition of projects «Innosocium», as well as the payment
of a grant to the winner in 2021
in 2020 payments from the Fund
amounted to 16 809 710,29 ₽
to help orphans
1 500 000 ₽
The program «On the child side»
2 737 400 ₽
Support for the PDS IRSU and
the «Vseobuch» project in Arkhangelsk. The Arkhangelsk event was postponed
to 2021 due to COVID restrictions.

Find a family
4 616 330 ₽
Federal Remote Assistance Service
for Foster Families
1 000 000 ₽
The «Vseobuch» project in Udmurtia

Uppsala Circus
2 600 000 ₽
Support for foster children
in the circus
300 000 ₽
Membership fee
Donor Forum
Household and
other expenses
1 055 980,39 ₽
Expenses for the Fund activities
from the budget of Amway
in 2020 amounted to 25,658,614 ₽
8 895 000 ₽
3 867 000 ₽
914 000 ₽
177 614 ₽
Spending on PR, SMM,
social report, etc.
11 805 000 ₽

How to help


Our Fund is doing everything possible
to make our society live better. To make families stronger, parents and children understand each other better. So that mothers can combine work and family
and not forget about themselves. So that everyone finds the direction in volunteering that they would like.
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