About the program

#YavOtvete is the first volunteer fundraising competition
in Russia.

The Foundation helps volunteers with information, conducts educational seminars
on effective charity.

Volunteer fundraising
is the organization
of cash collections
by volunteers for fund projects. As part of
the #YavOtvete program, volunteers hold charity events.

Our goal

The #YavOtvete contest is aimed
to reward the most active organizers and bring the format of volunteer fundraising to a new level.

Self-isolation unites: fundraising during
a pandemic


COVID-19 Challenge
As part of self-isolation, the number of conflicts increased in many foster families, psychological assistance centers were closed for quarantine. Hundreds of foster families have lined up to receive assistance from the federal remote support service
for foster families "Find a Family".
Our actions
We called for donations through live broadcasts with the president of the foundation and key partners, bloggers, and the media. In 2 weeks, 753,165 rubles were collected, the Amway Foundation doubled
the amount and transferred 1.5 million rubles
to the "Find a Family" service.
The results
The "Find a Family" service staff was expanded
by 30%;
8 additional online resource groups for teenagers and their parents were launched;
400 additional consultations were held;
More than 130 families were able to receive help.


COVID-19 Challenge
In order to adopt a child from an orphanage, future adoptive parents are required to complete a special training course at a foster parent school (FPS). During the period of self-isolation, the work of the FPS was suspended, which means that more and more children were waiting for their families.
Our actions
Charity challenge #SemYavOtvete in support
of the FPS based on the Family Development Institute.

2 ways to participate:
Repost a video from the Amway Foundation – in this case, the Fund transfers 100 rubles;
Create your own video using the hashtag #SemYavOtvete – the Fund transfers 10,000 rubles.

In 2 weeks the challenge brought together about
900 people, 537,400 rubles were transferred to
the development of the online format of the FPS
based on the Family Development Institute.
The results
18 parents from those who completed online training at the FPS took their children from the orphanage.


Our actions
We invited subscribers to put up posts with their "hooligan" story and pass the baton to two friends. For each story, the Amway Foundation transferred 500 rubles to the circus.
The results
During the action, 188 posts with "hooligan" stories were posted on social networks;
388 people made a donation on the Foundation's website;
The total amount of donations amounted to more
than 1,000,000 million rubles.
COVID-19 Challenge
Due to the pandemic, Uppsala Circus was forced
to suspend its performances and tours.
The organization's revenues have fallen, and
the education of dozens of wards, including 19 foster children, has come into question.
Stories of foster children
Vanya and his foster mother Anastasia
Watch the video
Roma, Ulyana and their foster mother Ekaterina
Watch the video
Vika and her foster mother Alexandra
Watch the video
Misha and his foster mother Maria
Watch the video

Amway GO! Conference

In September 2020, the Amway Go! Conference for Russian and Kazakh partners and clients of Amway took place.
Our actions
A ticket to the conference cost 300 rubles – this amount became a donation to projects to help foster families of the Amway Foundation, including in Kazakhstan. At the conference itself, the participants, during the online voting, chose which specific project their donations would "go to".
The results
865,000 rubles – Uppsala Circus;
727,000 rubles – the Family Development Institute,
the project "VSEOBuch";
238,000 rubles – public fund "Community of Adoptive Parents of Kazakhstan".

And also...


At the end of 2020, we launched a new way
to donate: when placing an order on the amway.ru website, everyone can now send any amount
to charity with a single click!

Competition among Amway employees

At the end of 2020, the Amway Foundation launched a competition among Amway employees and entrepreneurs for the best fundraising event,
the competition results were announced in 2021.